Johannes Hezer

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ColorWheels for RV

a simple ui to rv’s color node a pyside dockable widget to expose rvColorNodes settings: Gain,Gamma,Exposure, Offset, Saturation can be tweaked. The settings can be copied to the clipboard and pasted in Nuke as a Grade Node. Thanks to Mads Hagbarth Lund for providing the nice color Wheels

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Porsche Mission E

At Mackevision Hamburg, we created the mission e video material.

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Ooops – Noah is gone! (and done)

Finally after almost 2 years of work for me (sure some more years for many others). Noah is done!! First I overlooked the pipeline development and did most of the image part of it. We went for Shotgun and consequentially Toolkit, the Asset management part of it. Then I did the stereography for the entire […]


A most wanted man

I did some previs tracking shots, while the film was shot in Hamburg. Then some comp shots and a little bit of pipeline adjustments here and there.

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Most funny paintjob of my life. I painted on one shot for about a day on rush and that was it. Sure no end credits, but it was a real joy! Good movie, btw…


Renon Misty Mountains

Alto Adige


Niko 2 – Little Brother Big Trouble

Stereoscopic Feature


Thor – Legends of Valhalla

Stereoscopic Feature


Brennero Train Track

All shot on my old Nikon FE2 on Fujis NPH 400 Stock. All stills are long exposures around 30 seconds, sometimes I fired several flashes during the exposure time…  



winter is coming



german tv production



Nz 2009


Close to Twizel NZ

Shot on my FE2 on NPH 400 Stock, scans are 5k.

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Salami Aleikum

2008 I was working at soulpix in Hanover Germany. We got lucky and were supposed to do the entire visual Effects shots for the german comedy “Salami Aleikum”. It had all types of visual effects work in it. I believe in total it was about 110 shots… but we never actually counted how many shots there were… The […]